About the title

The title of this weblog refers to a particular method of processing information. Certain rules must be followed in one’s thinking if the product of one’s mental effort is to qualify as knowledge, rather than delusional error. The general principle that embodies and condenses these rules is that for thinking to be valid, reality must be rigorously adhered to. All available relevant facts must be considered, as well as context and hierarchy. Valid thinking is the grasp of reality through the proper volitional use of consciousness. The proper volitional use of consciousness is the proper use of the faculty of reason and it’s tool, logic. This understanding of objective thinking is crucial for one’s thinking to be valid. A more exhaustive and thorough treatment of objectivity can be found in Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s book, OBJECTIVISM: THE PHILOSOPHY OF AYN RAND (OPAR), chapter four – available thru the Ayn Rand Bookstore http://www.aynrandbookstore.com/. The above is offered only as an explanation of how the title of this weblog was chosen.

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