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My life so far

I couldn’t resist using that line, although I have absolutely no idea what that movie, My Life So Far, is about.

To start, I’m a life-long hero worshipper.

My Earliest remembered hero is Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and his dog, Yukon King (yep, I’m that old).

My hero (or heroine) for life – since age 21 anyway – is writer/philosopher Ayn Rand.

My favorite author is? You guessed it!

My favorite types of music: a) Beach, Boogey and Blues, b) Swing, c) Big Band, d) Jazz, particularly smooth instrumental, but no progressive, e) Classical, but I’m particular. f) I can listen to anything but Rap. Wait, that’s not music. I don’t care for most Country, but Patsy Cline is (was) over the moon.

Some of the things I most enjoy: a) Reading and studying philosophy and psychology – particularly Objectivism – the philosophy of Ayn Rand – and related material. b) Sports – golf, offshore fishing, yard work (some call it gardening, to me it’s work, and a sport). c) TV viewing‚ – c1)‚ college football and basketball (Go Georgia TECH!), c2) most any‚ sports playoffs and championships (except pro basketball – since‚ Magic, Bird, and Jordan retired)‚ and c3) any big sporting events such as cyclings Tour de France‚ (Floyd Landis!? – there’s a future post), the Majors (mens’ and womens’) in golf, FIFA World Cup Soccer (the real football), Olympics (Summer and Winter), X-Games Championships, you get the picture, c4) and I love old black and white movies and‚ regardless of what anyone tries‚ to tell you, it might be sports, but if it’s on TV, you’re not‚ partcipating in sports, you’re watching TV!

My favorite movie made in the last twenty years or so would have to be Chocolat. I also enjoyed Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Civil Engineering degree with background and experience in general contracting; ceramic, stone, and other hard tile design and installation; and business management. Own a very small, pretty-much-one-man, business‚ in installation, service, repairs, refinishing‚ and remodeling of primarily bathrooms and kitchens. Work alone, live alone (not even a dog or cat), and love it.

I may continue here later, or perhaps add some other posts under this category, should I think of anything illuminating. I’m really just posting a bit of a bio here to become accustomed to blogging (should any soul happen to read this).

Still a lot to learn


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