Atlas Shrugs post on Fallaci

Pamela Geller Oshry’s post, Hitchens on Fallaci
Intellectual’s Artist at Atlas Shrugswill take youto a Christopher Hitchins eulogy article in Vanity Fair, Oriana Fallaci and the Art of the Interview.

PGO writes in part,

Christopher Hitchens dismisses out of hand the powder puff powerpussies of the lamestream media while eulogizing and paying tribute (not enough, I’m afraid) to the finest, toughest, smartest, bravest journalist of my time — Oriana Fallaci, an original thinker.

and she concludes with,

And while Hitchens doesn’t agree with her rage against Islamism, I do.

Amen Pamela.I enjoyed both. Fallaci was a bulldog (only better looking). You don’t see what she had today in interviewers. Hitchens does a good job of describing the difference.


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