A Merry Christmas

… and a most HAPPY HOLIDAY to you, in whatever you celebrate, and in whatever way, this holiday season (except Jihadists and other evil-doers).

To poke a little fun at Santa… one of my best remembered Santa jokes, an old one,is, “I don’t care who you are fat man, get those reindeer off my roof!”

For me, this time of year, Christmas through New Years, is a time to relax, reflect, recharge, reinvigorate, rededicate and reward.

What comes to mind first is that I live in a part of the world whereone can do these things without fear – at least immediate fear.

I remind myself of core values – my life, my freedom, my happiness and safety.

I remind myself of the ethics centralto achieving these values – rationality, independence, individualism, honesty, justice, productivity, and pride.

I remind myself of those that defend these values through their significant, and sometimes magnificent, use of their reasoning faculty and it’s tool, logic; and I remind myself of those whose energies,time, and even physical safety,go intothe defense of rational values… some paying for these values with their lives.All these people I hold in the highest regard. They have my sincere admiration and gratitude. They (past, present and future) make it possible for me to sit here and make this statement of Merry and Happy.

Come to think of it, that pretty much lays out what’s at stake… and sets my proper course for 2007.

Now, on to the turkey!



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