What does hauling watermelons have to do with Iraq?

I was working on a post on Global Warming, when I got a ping on my Feed Reader… I’ll start with a watermelon joke…

Two big-rig trucker friends, Hammerhead and Mothertrucker, decided that a good way to make lots of money was to haul early-season watermelons out of Florida into New york. The key to the big money?… don’t hang around trying to get a return payload back to Florida. Instead, they would ‘deadhead’ (run empty w/o a payload),as quickly as possible, back to Florida for more melons.

After several grueling trips doing this, Hammmerhead got on the CB to Mothertrucker:

Hammerhead to Mothertrucker: “I’ve been doing some thinkin’ and calculatin’ in my head. I’ve come up with somethin’ we need to talk about”.

Mothertrucker to Hammerhead: “And what’s that partner”?

Hammerhead to Mothertrucker: “Well, we’ve made quite a few trips now and by my calculations, we’re loosing twenty-five cents a watermelon”.

Mothertrucker to Hammerhead:”OK, what do we need to do”?

Hammerhead to Mothertrucker: “We need to put on at least one more truck”.

To connect watermelons to Iraq, I give you this excerpt and link to a Craig Biddle post @ Principles in Practice:

“Just War Theory – ┬áthe theory driving U.S. military buffoonery in the absurdly named “War on Terrorism is, in fact, an utter inversion of justice, which sacrifices the lives and limbs of American soldiers for the sake of enemy civilians and mystical savages. The even worse news is that this wretched theory is becoming further and further entrenched, as indicated by this article in the New York Times. (Thanks to Robert LeChevalier for bringing the article to my attention.)

The excerpts below require no comment, but when you’re through reading them and lifting your jaw from the floor, please read “‘Just War Theory’ vs. American Self-Defense.” If you’ve already read it, send the link to every active-minded person you know.

If what you’re doing is a loosing proposition, you just aren’t doing enough of it.

I will later write much more on this, but right now… I have to get my jaw up from the floor.


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