The War on Terror is (still) not about poverty – They don’t think the same way we do!

Back on September 11, (2006), I entered a post titled, The War on Terror is not about poverty!, in which I included two links which support this, along with an included passage from Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged for further enlightenment and understanding of the philosophy and psychology of Islamic extremism. (I just checked the links in that post to be sure they are still functioning properly should you wish to read, or re-read it, and follow the links.)

There is a post today at Jihad watch, Jihad seen in upward trend in Morocco, by Marisol, that offers corroborative evidence to the fact that poverty is not the cause of the Islamists’ venom. It begins:

Data emerging in Morocco puts another dent in the frequently encountered notion of poverty as the principal catalyst for turning seemingly “normal” people into jihadists. From AP: “Extremist Islam may be rising in Morocco”

I have recently made a better effort at trying to keep up with Robert Spencer and the crew at Jihad Watch by adding them to my Feed-Reader list (like I have time for another read). There insight and expertise regarding this subject is immense (and intense). I need to get them on the blog roll here too.

What is below covers the right side of my title, They don’t think the same way we do!

My HT to that ‘fount of things true and good’ gus van horn for leading me to this article by Stephen Browne @ Rants and Raves, titled, Observations on Arabs. You can also read a bit of bio there too on what seems an interesting life. To tease you into clicking over:

I went to live and work in Saudi Arabia in 1998, and I “made my year” as expats there put it. That phrase means that I actually stuck out the whole year, instead of “running” from my contract, an occurrence so common that you only have to say “he did a runner” to explain why someone isn’t showing up for work anymore. And while my experience wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as Jill Carroll’s, I could have told her a thing or two before she went to Iraq armed with her overflowing good will.

Although Stephen Browne’s experience is “Arab specific”, he does suspect at least a significant similarity in Iranian Islamic culture, although he makes the point that the two cultures’ histories are different:

So, with the caveat that one of the first things I learned was that the term “Arab” covers a lot of territory, here are some observations and some tentative conclusions about Arabs, more specifically about Arabs from the oil states about why we have misunderstood each other to the point that we are fighting a war with some of them and are pissing off the rest of them. I suspect that many of these also apply to Iranian Islamists, but I have never been there and note that Iranians are not Arabs and have a different cultural history.

Although it’s not experiencing it with your very own eyes (which I haven’t), I found his twelve points very insightful.

Hope you do too.

I’m off now for some lunch and at 3:30 EST to see if Georgia TECH, Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson ‘show up’ in Blacksburg, Virginia to do battle with Virginia TECH, and at half-time, maybe I’ll ponder on my ability to sit there in my recliner and enjoy such things in the middle of all the turmoil in the world.

While the defeat of the Hokies may indeed require some luck, the ability to enjoy such things in this country does not… at least, not yet.


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