God & government, like oil & water, don’t mix

I have just added Dr. Michael J. Hurd’s website DrHurd.com to my sidebar today. I read his Daily Dose of Reason faithfully (although I admit to having to play ‘catch-up’ more often than not).

Almost immediately, I see a link to Dr. Hurd in gus van horn’s Quick Round Up 101 – which BTW is most always a good condensation of current happenings from a pro-reason perspective. gvh tipped his hat to Carl Svanberg for the lead. So, HT w/link to both.

Dr. Hurd presents a concise and effective case for the separation of church and state in his Sunday, 9/24/06, Daily Dose of Reason – Why God and Government Do Not Mix. A teaser (and I won’t use gvh’s):

Survival and progress are by definition objective, secular concepts. You can be an atheist, an agnostic, or subscribe to whatever faith you choose, but if you value survival (in this life) and progress, you have to favor the separation of church and state.

Also, gvh links to this timely speech with the lead in:

Drop whatever you’re doing and read Senator James Inhofe’s spectacular speech against global warming hysteria.

Another HT to gvh, and I second the recommendation !!!

A lot of links, but I’ve checked them all – they work!


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