In Moral Defense of Israel

This is the title of a page at The Ayn Rand Institute’s website dedicated to a reasoned defense of Israel’s right to exist and to explain why it is in America’s best, rational self-interest to support her.

The explanation itself is a quick read, but contains numerous links to op-eds and press releases that ARI’s Objectivist team of scholars have developed, written and released over time addressing this theme.

If you’d like a better rational understanding of this important subject and have neither the time nor desire to research tons of materials, and the tedious task of separating fact from fiction, this is a great resource.

An early paragraph reads:

Israel and those who attack it are not moral equals. Israel is, like the United States, a “mixed economy,” which retains a significant respect for individual rights. Its citizens, whatever their race or religion, enjoy many freedoms, including freedom of thought and speech, and the right to own property. The purpose of Israel’s military is only self-defense: to protect its citizens from aggressors. Consequently, Israel has a moral right to exist.

For what its worth, I recommend it.


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