All Credibility lost

This VENT by Michelle Malkin @ Hot Air TV encapsulates a push by Sen. John McCain and others to have captured terrorists treated “more humanely”. Even to the point of having their “Miranda rights” read to them. What rights – these are terrorists!

He’s also against any clarification as to what should be considered as “inhumane torture”, something GW is asking for; instead preferring to leave the Geneva Convention language vague. Presumably so that the enemy won’t know exactly how much torture they can inflict upon our troops before they exceed what the Geneva Convention allows – hence fear of overreaching GC boundaries will mean less torture. Oh yeah, that’ll work!

The motive for all this: So that our troops will be likewise treated more humanely if captured!

Does anyone really think that the Islamic Jihadists give a Tinker’s Damn about the Geneva Convention!

Will someone please fit that fool for a straight jacket!

Oops, I’ve derided… I was only going to report.


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