Italy’s controversial journalist Fallaci dies

Oriana Fallaci is dead.

MILAN (Reuters) – Oriana Fallaci, one of Italy’s best-known journalists and war correspondents who shocked the literary world with a vitriolic assault on Islam after the September 11 attacks on the United States, died on Friday aged 77.**FILE** Italian author Oriana Fallaci is seen in this undated file photo. (AP Photo/Gianangelo Pistoia)

I never knew much about her until After 9/11. Someone had directed me to an archived article by Christopher Caldwell entitled, The Fallaci Affair. I was favorably impressed by what I had heard about her, so I paid $4.95 to reprint the article – it was worth the cost. I have it here now beside me to re-read tonight. It can be purchased from Commentary Archive here.

There is also this November 30, 2005 post at Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer entitled: Spencer: Fallaci: Warrior in the Cause of Human Freedom that I found a good read on Fallaci:

“We are gathered here tonight”, announced David Horowitz, “to honor a warrior in the cause of human freedom.”

Oriana Fallaci, who received the Center for the Study of Popular Culture’s Annie Taylor Award in New York Monday evening, has been a warrior for human freedom ever since she joined the anti-fascist resistance in 1944, at age fourteen. For over six decades, she has fought against those she has labeled “the bastards who decide our lives”, opposing all forms of tyranny and oppression, from Mussolini and Hitler to Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

Heroes get harder and harder to find. If you have not discovered this one, do so. They help to fuel the soul.


9/16/06 edit: added link to Robert Spencer’s bio @ Jihad Watch and David Horowitz @

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