No passes on 9/11

Here’s a link and a teaser back to a very good article/post @ The Charlotte Capitalist (TM)

9/11: Do You Need A Pass Or Do You Use Your Mind?

Slithering through the Internet is the nasty snake of an idea that everyone gets a pass on not being able to see that something like 9/11 could or would occur. (Here is one from Instapundit. I have seen [others] similar .) The pass is extended to all citizens and politicians including the Clinton Administration. The basis of the idea is that nobody could have foreseen that 2 plus 2 = 4.

I am aware of a relatively small group of people who could have and did foresee the potential growth in terrorism and its consequences.

I agree 100 percent. Just watching Path to 9/11 alone was enough to boil the blood of a rational individual.

At every turn, all the way back to the plane hijackings of the sixties, into the hostage crisis era of the peanut-farmer-turned-world-leader, occurrence-after-occurrence, on-and-on until now, I’ve had to shake my head in absolute disbelief and disgust – because those that could have, and should have acted, only re-acted (or worse yet, did nothing).

They get no pass – no one.

You don’t “see” these things thru the reading of tea leaves!

Read the article… see what you “think”, see where you stand.

Consider the Question that forms the title of the TCC post.

HT: TCC, wonderfully reasoned


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