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Lecturer connects freedom, prosperity

A fairly short report on Dr. Andrew Bernstein’s appearance at Penn State, hosted by the Penn State Objectivist Club, written by Laura Mammarella, staff writer for The Daily Collegian Online appears at http://tinyurl.com/z7wdy

The lecture title was Global Capitalism: The Solution to World Oppression and Poverty.

Dr. Bernstein was quoted in the last paragraph of the report:

In the modern world, we’re moving gradually toward statism and violating individual rights. [Students] need to realize their rights are slowly being threatened and eroded. The human mind requires freedom.

A comment from a student attendee:

I thought he had a lot of interesting points, but some were mildly contradictory. I think his spiel was too full of rhetoric.

Sounds as though someone’s “mildly full” of something, but I doubt it was Dr. Bernstein’s “spiel”.

The full lecture content is not provided in the report.


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