Life and death

Australia’s “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin dies – Yahoo! News

I first saw this on the early news today, then read this by Diana @ Quoting her: “I’m really quite sad about the news. Steve was amazing fun to watch: he was probably the most alive person on television ever”.

I’ll second that.

Life is a process. it’s an individuals ultimate value. The value that makes all other values possible – It’s the standard of value, without which, no other values are possible… an end in itself.

Happiness is the successful state of life. It’s the state of consciousness proceeding from the achievement of one’s values and one’s ultimate goal. It’s an individuals highest moral purpose.

Life is not primarily about longevity, although I’m all for that. It’s primarily about happiness – long term rational happiness.

Death is the final stage of life, the final stage of the process of life.

I enjoyed watching Steve Erwin. He didn’t live long, but he appeared to live happy. He thirsted for life and he appeared to drink well from it’s cup. At times he could be so exuberant it was irritating to me – like a small child, or a puppy, when one first arrives home. I didn’t watch him regularly, but he brought an infectious smile to my face when I did (Emeril Lagasse and David Letterman do that to me too). For that, I raise my glass to Steve Erwin.


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1 thought on “Life and death

  1. Catherine Bronte

    I was on the internet when the news article first appeared on Yahoo! news. It must’ve been almost 3:00am or so on Monday, and the article had only been posted 24 minutes earlier. I was quite shocked. I’m sure like everyone else I had expected to read that he had been killed by a crocodile. However, I’m not so surprised that he died while being with nature.

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