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About recommendations

Occasionally I’ll want to post on things I think you might enjoy. Obviously these will be things that I, myself, find interesting or enjoyable so I’ll set up relevant Recommendations post categories to put posts under as they develop. Anyone visiting this Weblog is welcome to offer comments to any Recommendations posted; or leave any new, more general, suggestions for Recommendations here under this general post. If they’re of the nature of the www, or whatever else for that matter (and I can agree that they’re worthy), I’ll post on, and/or link to, what’s being offered.



9/4/06 revision – just editorial housekeeping

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Weblog Title & Disclaimer – please read

The title of this weblog refers to a particular method of processing information. Certain rules must be followed in one’s thinking if the product of one’s mental effort is to qualify as knowledge, rather than delusional error. The general principle that embodies and condenses these rules is that for thinking to be valid, reality must be rigorously adhered to. All available relevant facts must be considered, as well as context and hierarchy. Valid thinking is the grasp of reality through the proper volitional use of consciousness. The proper volitional use of consciousness is the proper use of the faculty of reason and it’s tool, logic. This understanding of objective thinking is crucial for one’s thinking to be valid. A more exhaustive and thorough treatment of objectivity can be found in Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s book, OBJECTIVISM: THE PHILOSOPHY OF AYN RAND (OPAR), chapter four – available thru the Ayn Rand Bookstore The above is offered only as an explanation of how the title of this weblog was chosen.

This weblog, postings to this site, and comments to postings to this site are in no way intended to speak for Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. They represent only the views and arguments of the authors of the postings and comments. This weblog has no official affiliation with, nor connection to, any website, organization or person authorized to speak in the name of the philosophy of Objectivism. This includes, but is not limited to, Ayn Rand, Dr. Leonard Peikoff – her authorized intellectual heir, and The Ayn Rand Institute. For the record, Ms. Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism, Dr. Peikoff and the Ayn Rand Institute, are held in the very highest esteem here. They are regarded as heroes, mentors, guardians of truth, and the rational salvation of mankind by this author. They stand against the barbarians at the gates.

I speak, and think, for myself as author of this weblog, and assume sole responsibility for that speech and thought.

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Comment policy

You’re my guest here. All comments will be moderated prior to posting. Commenters are welcome to clearly state their arguments, views or positions, and/or to criticize opposing arguments, views or positions. Any unjust personal attacks, as well as all arbitrary unfounded speculation about me or those I respect, including other commenters are not permitted on my property. I eagerly anticipate your expression of your views and arguments concerning the postings here and look forward to them, any attempted abuse of the hospitality here or use of this site to irrationally attack or injure another, particularly those who do not post comments here, and cannot respond, will not be tolerated. Comments-on-comments must be germane and illuminating. Don’t be surprised if your comments are moderated out – suspect that you were in violation. So be passionate, but be rational… or be gone.

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A great place to visit

My first Blog comment was from Linda Zimmerman, Director for Quent Cordair Fine Art in Burlingame.CA, If you haven’t had the pleasure of their site, you should certainly visit it. Their site, is resplendent with heroic, uplifting and inspirational Romantic Realist artwork.

Linda wasn’t aware that I was already on their email list for their monthly updates. Those alone can be a real treat. You get that great sense that these are people that truly enjoy their work, and their leisure. How could they not, being around all those beautiful artworks daily.

I visit their website often. Sooner or later, I’ll find that “got to have it” piece that will transform me from “lurker” to customer.

Visit with them… it’s vitamins for the soul!


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My life so far

I couldn’t resist using that line, although I have absolutely no idea what the movie’s about.

To start, I’m a life-long hero worshipper.

My Earliest remembered hero is Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and his dog, Yukon King (yep, I’m that old).

My hero (or heroine) for life – since age 21 anyway – is writer/philosopher Ayn Rand.

My favorite author is? You guessed it!

My favorite types of music: a) Beach, Boogey and Blues, b) Swing, c) Big Band, d) Jazz, particularly smooth instrumental, but no progressive, e) Classical, but I’m particular. f) I can listen to anything but Rap. Wait, that’s not music. I don’t care for most Country, but Patsy Cline is (was) over the moon.

Some of the things I most enjoy: a) Reading and studying philosophy and psychology – particularly Objectivism – the philosophy of Ayn Rand – and related material. b) Sports – golf, offshore fishing, yard work (some call it gardening, to me it’s work… and a sport). c) TV viewing – c1) college football and basketball (Go Georgia TECH!), c2) most any sports playoffs and championships (except pro basketball – since Magic, Bird, and Jordan retired), and c3) any big sporting events such as cyclings Tour de France (Floyd Landis!? – there’s a future post), the Majors (mens’ and womens’) in golf, FIFA World Cup Soccer (the real football), Olympics (Summer and Winter), X-Games Championships… you get the picture, c4) and I love old black and white movies… and regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, it might be sports, but if it’s on TV, you’re not partcipating in sports… you’re watching TV!

My favorite movie made in the last twenty years or so would have to be Chocolat. I also enjoyed Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Civil Engineering degree with background and experience in general contracting; ceramic, stone, and other hard tile design and installation; and business management. Own a very small, pretty-much-one-man, business in installation, service, repairs, refinishing and remodeling of primarily bathrooms and kitchens. Work alone, live alone (not even a dog or cat), and love it.

I may continue here later, or perhaps add some other posts under this category, should I think of anything illuminating. I’m really just posting a bit of a bio here to become accustomed to blogging (should any soul happen to read this).

Still a lot to learn…


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