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GT can break my heart.

I have to get back to a rhythm posting here at ObjectivelySpeaking. I’ve been so busy with work and other life stuff the last three weeks, I’m afraid my blogging has ground to a halt. But I enjoy it too much to be beaten away from it by life’s other necessities. So hopefully, I’m back.

To say that Georgia Tech was ineffective against a very good Clemson football team last Saturday would be, in my opinion, gross overstatement, they didn’t even show up. 5 and 1 prior to last week’s massacre at Clemson, GT has struggled a might, but looked as though they might be set to make a great run. They can do that – play pretty wonderfully, then let you down in the worst way. My heart (once again) his broken.

Today’s vacillations of college sports teams is a direct effect of the prevailing philosophy of this age, which is to say that there is none. All you hear during a game is the catch-all, “momentum”. If “Big Mo” leaves you… you’ve lost. It’s so range of the moment.

Now this week, Saturday, GT, now 5 and 2, hosts Miami for homecoming. Miami, having a terrible season by Miami standards, is now 5 and 2 also – and the hype for the game is GT vs. MIAMI… for the lead in the ACC Coastal Division.

Georgia Tech could(?) well be 6 and 1, they’re capable… and the headline would change.

Woe is me.

Tonight is Thursday – it’s Clemson vs. Virginia Tech, televised. I wonder if both will “show up” and who has “Big Mo’?


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