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To any that may pass by; to all those out there in Blogland…especially to all those on the front lines of defending our freedom and to those on the front lines of fighting for a more rational world… I wish you one and all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! It will surely be interesting.

Let’s roll!


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The Butcher of Baghdad is dead

In PGO’s post, Saddam to Die Tonight 10 PM, @ Atlas Shrugged,she updates to the BBC News article, Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq. But it’s the lead picture ofPamela’s post that’s most riveting.

She updates a second time with this, “BTW, Gateway has the whole nasty business on Saddam here, you must see it. A horrible dictator and that’s the least of it”.

Gateway’s chronicle of the last fewhours of the ordeal begins:

A fitting end…
The Butcher of Baghdad dies in his own torture chamber.

A video grab taken from al-Iraqiya television shows ousted Iraq president Saddam Hussein moments before being hanged in Baghdad. Saddam was hanged inside one of his former torture centres in the final act of a brutal 30-year tragedy that left the stage strewn with tens of thousands of corpses.(AFP/Al Iraqyia TV)
Video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein **HERE**.

Big Hat tip To PGO @ Atlas and Gateway Pundit


Updated 12/31/06: punctuation housekeeping

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A Merry Christmas

… and a most HAPPY HOLIDAY to you, in whatever you celebrate, and in whatever way, this holiday season (except Jihadists and other evil-doers).

To poke a little fun at Santa… one of my best remembered Santa jokes, an old one,is, “I don’t care who you are fat man, get those reindeer off my roof!”

For me, this time of year, Christmas through New Years, is a time to relax, reflect, recharge, reinvigorate, rededicate and reward.

What comes to mind first is that I live in a part of the world whereone can do these things without fear – at least immediate fear.

I remind myself of core values – my life, my freedom, my happiness and safety.

I remind myself of the ethics centralto achieving these values – rationality, independence, individualism, honesty, justice, productivity, and pride.

I remind myself of those that defend these values through their significant, and sometimes magnificent, use of their reasoning faculty and it’s tool, logic; and I remind myself of those whose energies,time, and even physical safety,go intothe defense of rational values… some paying for these values with their lives.All these people I hold in the highest regard. They have my sincere admiration and gratitude. They (past, present and future) make it possible for me to sit here and make this statement of Merry and Happy.

Come to think of it, that pretty much lays out what’s at stake… and sets my proper course for 2007.

Now, on to the turkey!



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gus van horn’s Wilson is haunting me

On discovering gus van horn, the first thing that catches one’s eye is the logo in the upper left corner. To say it is handcrafted would be over statement, and that’s understatement.

It’s really a simple thing. A background of what appears to be a square of yellow ruled legal pad paper with what I can only describe as a “doodling” of an image – a full frontal face done all in black. A rough drawn ovalish facial outline; black as coal eyes (wearing glasses); a saw-toothed head of black hair; an overbearing black moustache/goatee combination that contains a single-lined, slightly down-turned, slit of a mouth; a make-do semi-u-shaped nose and exactly three strands of black hair emanating from each temple and sticking straight out at about forty-five degrees. After reading his autobiographical material, I can only guess that the logo is a quick self-portrait sketch that veils gus van horn just as his bio does.

But enough flattery.

I had visited his site on several occasions before it dawned that something about this logo/image haunted me – some link with something else. I wrestled with this for some time before I realized what I was connecting this logo too. It was the vision of Tom Hank’s best friend, the volleyball, in Cast Away.

Now the problem changed. What was the name Hanks gave his only, beloved friend? Now THAT eluded me, until‚ last night. I stumbled across Cast Away on cable about thirty minutes into the movie. Of course I was then stuck. I’m not crazy about re-watching movies; it seems such a waste of time with most of them. But I had to stick with it. I had to go at least as far as the volleyball’s name.

WILSON! By God, the volleyball’s name was WILSON! Well, I was plugged into the movie pretty good by that time so I continued with it to the end and I’m glad I did. There was depth to Cast Away that I had passed over the first time I saw it.

So now, I had the name, but the haunting hasn’t gone away. For some reason, I didn’t think it would. Let me think?


P.S. I guess I’ll file this under uncategorized for now. Somehow‚ a category named ‘Things that haunt me’ doesn’t sound‚ all that‚ objective.

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